Our Capabilities

Our research, contracting services and education programs capture the benefits and opportunities for the minerals industry associated with sustainable management of water, in an environmental, social and economic context.

Strategic water management in the mining and minerals industry - compatible with the Australian Water Accounting Framework and global Reporting Initiative water indicators. Using 'WaterMiner'; a web-based water information system enabling a structured and systematic view of the assessment of mine water performance.


Cumulative impact assessment - surface and groundwater resources.

Biogeochemical assessment - of the fate of mine water discharge including the ecotoxicological effects of constituents on macro-and microbial biota.


Biophysical modelling of landscape scale ecosystem function and the impacts of mining on the provision of water-related ecosystem services.

Analysis and advice on coal seam gas associated water production and risks to the hydrological connectivity of aquifers in response to methane extraction.

Our Impact

Since 2005 we have benchmarked mine water performance against industry best practice, generating consistent, defensible sustainability reports and assessing threats and opportunities impacting on water security on mine sites and within companies. At the forefront of our research we have created the WaterMiner information system which provides a cost effective tool for mine managers to make strategic decisions regarding water management on their sites. As a result, coal mines in Queensland have been able to adopt leading water management practices potentially leading to reductions in freshwater consumption by up to 75 per cent, and total water use by up to 40 per cent.